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Please meet Cooper Lighting in Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition - Global Debut of the Patented Infinite LED Strip Light

On June 9th, under the scorching sun, Guangzhou welcomed the lighting and decoration industry's grandest event, the 28th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE). This exhibition features three main exhibition areas, A/B/D, spanning a total of 22 exhibition halls with a combined area of 220,000 square meters. With over 3,300 participating companies, it is the largest lighting event in the history of GILE.

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As one of the leading companies in the LED strip lighting industry, Cooper Lighting has been a regular participant at the GILE for over a decade. For this year's exhibition, the company has invested in a specially designed booth covering an area of 135 square meters, located at Hall 12.2, booth D02. The booth design embodies a simple and elegant style while incorporating elements of traditional culture.


According to Tang Qingdong, the Director of Brand Operations at Cooper Lighting, the theme of this exhibition is "Infinite," which represents boundlessness and endlessness. The concept of "Infinity" is derived from traditional cultural classics such as the "Tao Te Ching." It embodies Cooper Lighting's commitment to continuous innovation and focused efforts in the field of online lighting, as well as its constant pursuit of surpassing its own corporate values.

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Mr. Tang further explains that "Infinite" is also the name of Coopers flagship patented LED strip light series this year. This product offers several advantages, including direct connection to 220V power supply, no need for a bridge rectifier, no need for a driver power supply, support for extended connections up to 50 meters, no flickering up to 1 meter away, and uniform and soft light emission. It serves as a replacement for traditional high-voltage LED strip lights, addressing issues such as flickering, poor lighting effects, lack of flexibility, and large size.

This product can achieve the same soft and high-brightness lighting effect as low-voltage LED strip lights, while also enabling a seamless 50-meter-long installation without voltage drop. It offers great convenience during installation. The Infinity LED strip light is widely used for large-scale indoor and outdoor projects requiring long-distance and extensive lighting.

During the exhibition, Cooper Lighting will be introducing special packages for agency agreements and on-site orders. They warmly welcome domestic and international partners, as well as new and existing customers, to visit their booth at Hall 12.2, booth D02.